Greed Over Need

Unfortunately, this story is all too common as of late.  As if evicting a family from their home is not bad enough under normal (poor choice of words) circumstances Dirma Rodriguez’s story takes the heartless act of foreclosure to all new levels.  I will let you read the story and formulate your own opinion, but it is important to remember that it was individuals like Dirma Rodriguez, the tax payer, who enabled Bank of America to continue to exist.  It is also important to point out that it is through the efforts of Occupy Fights Foreclosure and not the government that potential foreclosure victims are staying in their homes.  For those who would label these homeowners as deadbeats, there is a difference between willingly choosing to ignore your obligations and those who, because of economic difficulties, are no longer able to keep pace with obligations.

As an aside, Barack Obama will be accepting his nomination at the Bank of America Stadium this September.  Take what you will from that statement, but just keep in mind that a politician’s loyalty is not to you, the voter, but instead to those with the most money.


One comment

  1. chrissnipes (@chrissnipes)

    You should write more about how our Republic has become a broken mess that no longer represents the masses, aka Voters, since lobbying has become the primary concern. Only the corporations that can afford lobbyists have the ear of our elected officials because only corporations can afford to donate the hundreds of millions that are now required to win an election.

    In effect, we are voting for the best fundraiser and that winner should be working at the Red Cross not leading our country.

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