Here We Go Again

So this is yet another attempt at blogging.  As some may recall, previous attempts manifested in the form of rants, pictures of dirty bathrooms and dog ruminations.  As is to be expected, I lost interest in all of these for one reason or another (mostly because I lost the password to the accounts).  So why, then, am I making another attempt at blogging?  The short answer is I have a lot to say—some of which is meaningful some of which is not so meaningful.  My primary outlet has been facebook and twitter, both of which are not conducive to substantive social commentary.  I have become increasingly more methodical in the development of my ideology, research and writing, and as such I feel I require a more grown-up venue to convey my ideas in the hopes of fostering meaningful dialogue.  Will there be rants and manifestos? Absolutely.  My intent, however, is to provide historical context for my arguments, which should (if done properly) negate biases created by opinion.  Arguments will not be justified with “because I said so,” but instead with good old fashioned facts.

I encourage and expect readers (should I actually acquire any) to challenge the ideas presented.  I just ask that those who decide to engage in conversation be respectful of others.  Should you fail to do so, I will publicly shame you.  As far as aesthetics are concerned, I have no idea what I am doing.  My intent, as time progress, is to create a seemingly professional looking blog.  Until then you simply get words.


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